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Passport Photograph Dress Preparation Tips
Since most countries specify white backgrounds, DO NOT wear a WHITE shirt, blouse, or jacket, to allow for sufficient contrast. 
Do NOT apply skin moisturizer to your face the day of the photo session, as your face will look very shiny, which will cause photograph rejection by authorities.   NOT 'just a little'.
Please avoid getting sunburned before your photo session.
Do not wear turtlenecks because your neck must be visible for biometric data scanning. 
Cover your shoulders so you look dressed when the photographs are cut to size.
Uniforms, clothing that resembles uniforms, and camouflage attire are forbidden by most countries.   
Avoid wearing earrings and facial piercing jewelry.   For Philippines and USA Green Card, wearing earrings is forbidden.
It is smart to remove eyeglasses because glare will cause photo rejection.  For the USA, French visa and the Mexican passport, eyeglasses removal is mandated. 
Head coverings are usually prohibited, without religious exemptions granted by government authorities.  An exception: Iranian women’s passports.
If you ignore the above recommendations, Timothy Raab will not guarantee acceptance of your photos.
Finally, it’s smart to dress conservatively for required government photographs.
ENDORSEMENT RECEIVED April 4, 2017 :   "The comfortable, relaxed setting and the confident, reasurring attitude made getting a passport photo an enjoyable experience.   I have a flattering passport photo that meets every requirement, no worries about getting it returned.  Glad I didn't go to a chain store for it."